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Lake Limestone has shallow treasures

that it gives up easily.

A steady breeze caresses the campers

on an overbearing summer day.

Shimmering ripples slide past

the withered stems of broken trees

jutting from the lake.


Lake Limestone absorbed a couple storms today.

One dominated our campsite for a quarter hour

before releasing the clear blue sky

and sweeping west across a far corner of the lake.

The other stood for a portrait

of purple, orange, grays, and yellow

blending in the sunset,

rain funneling to the ground.


A sleek heron cloud

watches over hundreds of water birds

scribbling patterns on the pale sky,

feasting and traveling as one swarm.


Lake Limestone stirs slightly at night

as if tugged by the full moon,

but never seems anything more than placid.

Weak waves tease the slumbering shoreline.

Tonight’s breeze is cool like all the others.

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