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We have but one satellite

that we’ve barely bothered to name.

Our moon.

What if we had more?

Imagine the comings and goings,

the interweaving,

complex logistics

of a planet with twelve moons,

or even just two.

We would see rare sightings,

alignments, and events,

confounding the ebb, ebb, more ebb,

and flow of the tides,

the source of a tortured zodiac,

many pearls in the sky

to glow on fresh lovers.

Different size satellites,

various colors and atmospheres,

perhaps some twisting and turning

in strange wobbly orbits,

named for whomever from our past.

We would have a choice

of which to explore first.

A wealth of information

about our universe,

a treasure hunt for life

right in our own backyard.

As much as I like

the rhythms and patterns

and majesty

of our Moon,

I feel slightly cheated,

having missed the dance

of a crowd of satellites

circling this sleepy planet.

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