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              Cataclysmic Invasion

Remain resolute,

the dowager Queen says,

in face of the corrosive virus.

The viral load

creeps upon the crown

so we must fight the foe

lapping at her shores.

White cliffs of Dover

and all that.


Remain united, state

of vigilance,

seek the advantage

against the catastrophic vein

coursing through

our body politic.

We will defeat the coward

and celebrate the heroes

vital to our cause.


Remain revolute.

Consort against the enemy,

attempting to overrun us.

Contemptible micro-organisms

vilified for violating                             

our common cause.

Conquer and cleanse,

vanquish the invasive

species from the planet.


Claim victory

for the monarch,

conscientiously verifying

the contemptible vermin

have been curtailed.

Cast the vagabonds

to the vast heap

of corrupt contagions

brought under control.

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