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As you stare at me

without recognition,

shape, or meaning,

I wonder where you have gone –

a fanciful flight?

Or a formless reverie?

Somewhere you’ve visited before,

or an unfamiliar land each time?


So far, I’ve escaped the pain

and vicissitudes,

the ignominious episodes

and lowlights.

My memory still captures

you in the highlights.

We still live together,

side by side.




My decline began long ago.

My memories are blacklisted,

banned.  I can’t

find them anymore.

I didn’t know,

I still don’t know,

there’s an expiration date

on our life memories.


If you see a glimmer,

pretend it’s recognition.

I want to be with you,

but I’m drifting, out of control.

Don’t blame me.

I didn’t leave you.

I hate to blame my brain.

I know you do.




It’s good to have you with me,

if you’re there.

Voice Recording

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