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              The Roar

        for Laurent

Scanning the ocean, a small swell

might begin to seethe, then peter out,

sinking back into the depths,

or it might rise to the stature of a wave,

a breath from the mouth of the sea,

heaving towards shore, pure power

building so effortlessly, carrying and

overwhelming everything it touches.


Such is the torrent of our love,

the energy building to a cusping wave,

to a crescendo as we live each day

together, swept into each other’s arms.


The faint flicker of a flame grows

from an innocuous and humble spark,

singeing then igniting the twigs,

leaves, and branches, progressing to

the logs and creating a bonfire,

a conflagration against the sky,

out of control abandon of heat and light,

a fury of forces, synergy of strength and beauty.


Such is the passion of our love,

roiling to an inferno, an orgasm

of light and heat, bonding and consuming us

as we transform into pure energy.


The bliss of a symphony begins

with one note, an orchestra coordinated

in perfect pitch and syncopation,

at times quiet and understated,

lyrical and uncontrived, sweet and

melodic, then booming and over the top,

a cannon blast to announce and soar,

resonating and resounding for all to hear.


Such is the evidence of our love,

declared and trumpeted each day,

quietly scoring the moments of our lives,

together and apart, thinking of each other.


A seed is cast upon the wind, landing

in fertile soil, nourished to a mature plant,

pollinated and replicated until a forest

spans the land, lush and dense,

rich and succulent, sturdy and expansive.

Its diversity is its strength, its

symmetry and randomness its beauty,

blanketing the earth in life itself.


Such is the growth of our love,

emerging each day and flourishing,

the breath to sustain us, overflowing

bounty, abundant and sumptuous.


The cosmos stretches through the ages,

expanding and contracting throughout

eternity, comprised of pinpoint

yet massive stars, eons of incomprehensible

truths and uncompromising principles,

unflinching as it undulates and pulses,

embracing as it whorls.  Its depths

know no bounds, its future limitless.


Such is the destiny of our love,

our everlasting commitment, joy

and elation bursting and surpassing,

a roar into boundless space and time.

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