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              The Rescue

Catching a glimpse

of a boy all alone

in the jungle,

Tarzan tracks him

from the trees high above,

branch to branch,

vine to vine,

confirming the youth

appears lost,

shorts, safari shirt, and hat

all in good condition,

but he’s growing frantic,

searching side to side,

totally unaware

he is between

a lioness twenty yards away

and her cubs.

Tarzan swoops down

as she lets out a fierce roar

and lunges for the desperate boy.

Tarzan tackles the lion,

catching it by surprise,

toppling its significant weight.

The boy stops and stares

as the two jungle beasts

face off against each other.

The lion rears up

on its hind feet,

slashing Tarzan’s chest and stomach

with her razor-sharp claws,

drawing first blood.

Tarzan could kill the animal,

with powerful thrusts of his knife,

but he fears for the newborn cubs.

After staggering and wrestling

the much heavier animal,

he frees himself from the lion’s clutches,

evading the powerful jaws of the savage cat,

breaks free,

grabs the boy,

runs to a nearby vine

and swings both to safety

above the ferocious and angry lion.

Tarzan’s blood and sweat

press into the boy’s fresh clothes

as both take deep calming breaths

in silence.

  • Tarzan is a trademark of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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