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              Early Morning

The early morning fog

settles in so calmly,

even though

there could be danger

as we dip into

any of the deep valleys

in Texas hill country.

It masks the world

with temporary tranquility,

as if everyone and everything

is waking together,

starting the day

with something new to discover.

Horses in the field

were likely there last night

and will be there again

for tomorrow’s early morning.

The sun rises slowly,

taking time to burn off the fog.

It’s even a little sad

as the cloak is lifted.

We glide forward

with plenty of masks.

Strip us of our cars.

Strip us of our clothes.

and put us out in the field

with the horses who have no pretense,

until the gradual lifting of the veil

reveals our nakedness,

the fog no longer shielding us.

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