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              Moon Lovers

Why did I ever tie my lover to the moon?

Entangle him in all its phases.  

Now its ascendency is his face,

its slow rise his and my history.


Just a sliver in a cloudless sky

as we began with tender hopes. 

A thousand triggers on a thousand nights.

Promises of celestial guidance.


As it slumped on its back lazily,

we grew comfortable and in love.

Growing and brightening each night

towards the full moon in all its glory. 


We struggled with distance and separation

musing if we saw the same moon

as our gaze fell upon it in unison

from two different earthly continents.


Some clouds, some clear nights,

it cycled many times before we faded.

He escaped its snares,

and embarked on a new journey.


The bright moon remains painted

with his smile and my tears.

All I want now is for the forever moon

to return to its still beauty.

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